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Let’s talk about the newest addition to my makeup collection, shall we?

The long-awaited expansion of the Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection just recently launched, and it’s all so beautiful. I’ve always admired Jaclyn Hill and her story; she literally went from having nothing to being extremely successful in the beauty industry. She’s gorgeous, humble, down to earth, and hilarious; she’s my kind of girl. Jaclyn says that the collection is not just about the highlighters, but it’s also to show anyone and everyone that dreams DO come true. Preach, girlfriend.

I got the Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop last summer when it released, and bathed in it daily, and eventually hit pan, which to all you who don’t know “makeup lingo,” that just means you get to the bottom of the compact, where the “pan” shows. It’s been my all time favorite highlighter for the past year, so of course I was eager to try out the rest of the line this year, and I’m always looking for ways to support Miss Jaclyn.

The expansion of the line includes the ever-so-popular face palette including 3 blushes and 2 highlighters, a poured creme version of champagne pop, and the liquid version of champagne pop.

I purchased the Champagne Collection Face Palette when they released it early over snapchat. Unfortunately it’s out of stock online, but will be available in all Sephoras on June 16, along with the rest of the collection. Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection

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LOOK at this packaging!! It’s gorgeous and is such nice quality. The idea behind the packaging is to resemble popping a bottle of champagne and celebrating! It’s SO fun! I can’t.

Just wait til you see inside…

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STOP!! So beautiful <3

The packaging is so heavy-duty, and yet not heavy at all, but I know the powders inside are safe. It’s slim and lightweight, perfect for traveling. It’s also perfect for traveling because there are 3 different blushes and 2 highlighters, so you could create different makeup looks for every day, and only have to pack 1 palette. Genius.

The top row of the palette is the blushes which include: Rosé Spritz, a luminous blush; Amaretto, a mineral blush; and Pamplemousse, another mineral blush.

The second row of the palette is the two pressed highlighters, the first being Champagne Pop, and the one on the right being Champagne Pop’s “little sister,” according to Jaclyn, Prosecco Pop.

Not only does the palette look amazing, the products themselves are beyond amazing!!

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Rosé Spritz is a coraly pink luminous blush with gold shimmer throughout, adding a beautiful glow to the cheek, for a unique twist on a typical blush. Jaclyn refers to it as a “blush overlay,” meaning you could add a touch of it with any of your favorite blushes to add a luminosity. Her favorite way to wear Rosé Spritz is with Champagne Pop over top of it. I’ve never had a blush like Rosé Spritz, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Amaretto is a warm tone, satin blush perfect for everyday. Satin means that it’s not matte, but it’s also not glowy. Hill refers to it as a “bronzer blush,” because it adds a warmness to the skin. It’s perfect for those days when you don’t wanna worry about bronzing, contouring, highlighting, and adding blush. Just sweep Amaretto all over your cheek, and you’re good to go!

Pamplemousse is also a coraly pink blush, but it’s a satin, so there’s no shimmer or glitter in it. It is very pigmented, only one tap into the blush is enough for me.


Champagne Pop is the swatch on the left, the highlighter that started it all. It’s a pinky golden highlight perfect for most skin tones, unless you are very dark in skin tone, it could look a little ashy.

You can apply a little bit of Champagne Pop to add a touch of glow, or bathe in it like I do, and glow from head to toe.

The new highlighter in the collection, Prosecco Pop, is a true gold highlight. And it is BEAUTIFUL! This highlight would look amazing on darker skin tones because of the warmth in it. It also looks good on fair skin like mine, but according to Jaclyn it will look straight up yellow if you are very fair and apply it on your bare skin. Once you add foundation, powder, blush, and so forth, it won’t look as yellow and will pull more gold.

My favorite way to wear Prosecco Pop is over top of Champagne Pop for a super intense, in your face glow. When I fake tan and have a lot more color going on, I use Prosecco Pop alone, and it looks amazing!

The Palette costs $52, and I think it’s worth every penny. You get 5 different products in beautiful packaging with amazing pigment, and each highlighter from BECCA cosmetics is $38 each. It’s a steal!

It’s going to be a huge hit this summer, so snag yours on June 16th at Sephora <3

Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Collection Video

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<3 Claire

“More than anything, I dreamt. And I never stopped dreaming. I’m here because of God, because of my dreams, and because of you guys.” -Jaclyn Hill


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