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Hello & welcome back!

I can’t believe today is August 1st. August means a lot of things: it means the State Fair, it means we’re one step closer to fall, it means back to school for most, but to me it means “birthday month” 😉

Speaking of back to school, today we’re gonna talk about back to school fashion that’s appropriate, affordable, and most importantly, completely adorable <3

I know most schools have dress codes, and if you’re in high school my advice is stop complaining about it & follow it, it’s 4 years of no spaghetti straps, I think you’ll survive.

Most small christian colleges/universities have them too but they aren’t very strict & you can still look trendy & cute! Just bear your dress codes in mind when back-to-school shopping and adjust my outfit ideas to your personal needs 🙂

So we all know that August is pretty dang hot and the idea of wearing jeans isn’t everyone’s favorite, but I think if you wear a wide-strap tank with a breathable flowy material, some sandals, and jeans you’ll be plenty cool for those unbearably hot August school days.

My new favorite casual top is the Annie top from J&J Petite Boutique, (it also comes in grey) and it’s perfect for school. It’s long and modest, yet cute and comfy. Plus it’s a tank top, perfect for this month, but also will be perfect to layer with for the colder fall months. Also, If your school allows leggings, it makes the perfect tunic paired with leggings.

I’ve added a traditional black tank underneath because the sides are cut low, but you could also wear a cutesy black bralette if you weren’t wearing it to school.

I know my high school was weird about ripped jeans, so if that’s the case you can pair this adorable top with our Callie Dark Grey Soft Jeans. Grey jeans

My jeans are just plain ole black ones from Forever 21 that I actually slit myself. My open-toe booties are from Old Navy, and they’re so comfortable and are a great transition shoe from summer to fall; regular short black booties would look super cute too! But if you aren’t feeling booties quite yet, any black sandal would work as well.

My hat, a.k.a. old faithful, is from Forever 21, of course, and my super cute backpack is from Urban Outfitters. It’s a little small to work as an actual backpack, which is why it’s just my purse, but it’d be perfect for holding your phone, wallet, pens & pencils, your planner, and anything else you’d need throughout the day.

I’ve linked some similar black bags from Urban: Black Backpacks

FullSizeRender 46

I’m actually living for the zipper detailing on the back <3 <3

A couple more options for back to school from J&J are our Amelia & Jana Tops

We also have some super cute, flattering jeans, like these Holly-Potter Jeans for only $55.

So remember, just because you’re going back to school, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress cute. And dressing cute should never not be comfortable, and it IS possible to be both modest & cute at the same time. So find the best of both worlds at <3

“Modesty isn’t about covering up our bodies because they’re bad, modesty isn’t about hiding ourselves… it’s about revealing our dignity.” -Jessica Rey

Until next time,

<3 Claire René

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