One Choker, Three Different Ways

Hey Girl!

So what’s the deal with the choker takeover these days? I’m not mad about it, I just wish someone would’ve warned me… Lol

But don’t get me wrong, I am totally on board. I remember buying a set of 3 chokers last summer thinking “oh this is cute” and then I never ever wore them.. BUT when chokers became all the rage again this summer, I gave mine a try again, stepped out of my comfort zone, and actually fell in love with chokers. And bought about 45 more. No exaggeration. I should probably see a Dr…

I actually really love the idea of chokers; I’m really not a jewelry person. It’s a miracle if you catch me in earrings.. so if you do, consider yourself lucky… But what I love about chokers is they don’t have to be girly, bulky, or flashy, like most jewelry is to me… which is why I don’t wear any jewelry. I’m all about basic and understated.

Name a style of choker, and I have it. Name a color of choker, and I probably have that too.

They are so simple yet completely adorable, and to me, they add just the right amount of “ooh, girl!” to any outfit.

What I also love is how they can be so unbelievably casual or can be worn with a dress and heels for a night out on the town. And by the way things are looking, the amount of different kinds, styles, and trends of chokers we can choose from will only continue to increase.

One of my favorite styles of choker is the wrap around chord/bolo-tie inspired choker.

Why do I love this style so much? Other than the fact that they’re completely adorable? They can be tied in SO many different ways! Um hello, versatility!

There’s at least 784 ways that you can choose to tie your cord choker, but I’m gonna let you in on my 3 favorite ways to tie mine!

I got my perfect Burgundy Suede Chord Choker from J&J Petite Boutique! They also carry this choker in grey and tan, PLUS it’s only $12. AND features adorable gold feather emblems at the ends!

In a Knot


You can wrap the necklace around your neck as many times as you want, depending on how long you want it to be once it’s tied in a knot.

A unique detail of this necklace is that the gold beads along the strands can be moved up and down, so that you can place them wherever you want them to be for whatever kind of look you’re going for!

In a Bow


Okay, this way is my absolute FAVORITE way! I think it makes such a statement in such a good, chill kind of way. Just like with the first way of styling it, you can wrap the cord around your neck as many times as you’d like depending on how little or big you want the bow to be, and how much excess chord you want to hang out after the bow is tied.

I chose to wrap mine 3 times with a lot of excess chord at the ends to show off the adorable gold detailing.

Draped Around The Neck


This is a very popular way of wearing the long, chord style of choker, and I’m totally in love with it. It’s so easy and effortless, but still adds a little something extra. This way could also look totally adorable with a simple, plain dress to really let the choker do the talking.

Just like the other 2 ways, the amount of times you wrap it around your neck before letting the sides drape, is completely up to you.

Those are just 3 of my favorite ways to tie the Burgundy Suede Chord Choker, but like I said before, there are tons of ways you can tie it to create a look that is totally you.

When you buy this choker, or any of the other 13 styles on J&J Petite Boutique, don’t forget to use my code: CLAIRE20 for 20% off!

Until next time,

Claire <3

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