Happy Halloween ~

Hello lovelies and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

I love Halloween, and I know what you’re thinking, “Oh my gosh Halloween is SO scary! SO dark! SO bad! You shouldn’t celebrate such a dark holiday!”

Well 1st off, it doesn’t have to be dark or scary. It’s fun and playful, and full of fun little themed crafts, snacks, desserts, and even decorations.

love to bake, decorate, and play dress up, so OF COURSE I’m gonna LOVE Halloween.

And the best part is ALL OF THE MAKEUP!! It’s literally a day where crazy makeup is not only accepted, but expected! It’s basically a holiday made for people like me.

I spend all month coming up with fun Halloween makeup looks and learning new techniques. And the best part about Halloween is it is just makeup. Or a mask. Or just a costume, it all comes off at the end of the day and that’s what makes it so fun!

Of course, Halloween can be dark and bad, and there are crazy people in the world, so stay safe, but it doesn’t have to be looked at as something so negative. It’s simply fun and full of MAKEUP!!!

Speaking of makeup, I recently was apart of a stylized collaborative shoot with some pretty awesome people! Oh and did I mention, it was for Halloween? How fun!

I got to work my magic (Makeup by Claire René) alongside some crazy talented people: the ever-so-cute Arianna Torres of Arianna Maria Photography; the wickedly talented Belinda Benham of Hair by Belinda; and two stunning models: Quinn Geiger and Bailey Smith.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We wanted to capture the models’ beauty while still rocking a Halloween look that was to DIE for!

We put our heads together and  came up with a Medusa inspired look and an edgy, minimalist take on a classic skull.

Our inspirations for the makeup looks were from two widely known, talented YouTube stars & Beauty Gurus: Shaaanxo & Chrisspy Makeup.

As you can see, we stayed more true to Chrisspy’s skull, and basically just took the idea of Shaaanxo’s Medusa look and ran with it.

I decided to go a little more heavy on the eyes of Medusa and incorporate more gold, by adding a KAPOW gold lip!

And can we take a second to appreciate the HAIR!?! Hair Stylist Belinda KILLED this hair! We drew our inspiration from the snake-like crown Medusa wears, and decided to take full advantage of Model Bailey’s GORGEOUS hair and create snake-like loops using her hair instead of a plastic costume piece, to keep it more authentic! Dead.

Speaking of dead, Model Quinn makes a STUNNING skull. Who knew dead could look so good?

She has the most gorgeous eye color which only adds to the beauty of her look!


Model: Quinn Geiger

Does her hair not scream all things Halloween?! I’m crying. Hair Stylist Belinda nailed it with this one. She created a braided crown type of look by pulling all her hair up into 2 braids on either side and placing them on the top of her head, added a gray flower crown, and then topped it all off with some spider webs and plastic spiders. STUNNING.

Arianna Marie Torres is an AMAZING photographer. LOOK at these photos. I’ve never seen anything like her work and that’s what makes her SO great. Being a photographer isn’t just about knowing how to work a camera, knowing how to take photos in focus, or even knowing how to use Photoshop, it’s about staying true to yourself, finding your style, and creating art like no other. You’ll never be successful by just doing what everyone else is doing. And that’s true in all things.

I am so blessed to have been apart of such an amazing shoot and to have worked with such talented people! Dream team. For real.

I hope you love these SPOOKY makeup looks and these stunning photos as much as I do. I could not be more proud of the outcome.

So have a Happy Halloween, cause it can just be a happy thing; put on that costume, do your hair up, apply that awesome makeup, and bake those cookies & live a little!

Happy Halloween!

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