Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Hello! 🙂

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, does your special someone know what you’d love to receive? I know there’s a bunch of crap spoken about Valentine’s Day, and how “Oh, it’s so stupid how there’s a day to celebrate love!” “Shouldn’t you always show your partner love and make them feel special?”

While, yes you should always celebrate love & yes, you should always try to make them feel special, I’ll be the first to say that not everyday is rainbows and butterflies, and I can guarantee you you and your significant other do not always show an immense love for one another 24/7, taking them nice places every day (which would be ridiculous), spoiling them with nice little gifts, and celebrating your love. Some days are hard. Life gets in the way. Things come up. & Yes, while you still love them with all your heart and they love you just the same, it’s nice to take some time to celebrate that love and express your appreciation and gratitude, letting them know how much they mean to you, by doing a little extra!

SO if you think Valentine’s Day is stupid, go ahead and click out of this blog post. But, if you think all things Valentine’s Day are just the cutest, you love themed gifts, you love gift giving, and you believe  in celebrating your love and going over the top for the one you love, then this is the post for you!

So if you’re anything like me (or your girl is anything like me) you love the simplest things! You don’t have to spend a lot to make your girl smile!

LUSH Bath Bombs & Bubble Bars

Lush bath bombs and bubble bars are the easiest and cutest way to bring a smile to your lady’s face! AND they’re SO inexpensive! They start as low as $5.25 and typically do not exceed $10! Lush also creates gift boxes, gift wrapped and ready to go, with many different products inside!

Starbucks Coffee Travel Cups & Mugs

Okay, hello, cutest cups ever! The new Starbucks Valentine’s Day themed drink-ware is absolutely adorable! If she’s a coffee lover, she can never have too many mugs! 😉 A super cute gift idea is to create a gift that’s completely finished and put together, like a mug + a box of her favorite k-cup coffee + cute stir sticks + even a bottle of flavored syrup for coffee/lattes!

Personal Book/Photobook

These are my FAVORITE kind of gifts! I adore my “What I Love About You” book my man got me a few years ago! Francesca’s has many different book options and they’re all adorable! All you do is fill it out and make it personal, filling in different memories, inside jokes, and things that are only true for the 2 of you!

Another thing I am loving is the website:! I’ve been using Shutterfly for a few years and they have never disappointed! They have an enormous amount of gifts/books/mugs that you can personalize and they make the most perfect gifts!

Polaroid Camera


If you’re looking to spend a little more money, this Raspberry Polaroid is absolutely beautiful & so fun! If she doesn’t have one, she will love it! It’s kinda like the thing you never knew you wanted! It makes the smallest things much more exciting when you have a cool way of documenting it! PLUS it’s amazing to have for vacation/trips!


I have found a new love for watches! They add so much to your look and they’re helpful! This adorable Valentine’s themed watch is from Charming Charlie’s and it’s only $16!!! AMAZING!

If you’re looking to spend a little more money on a little nicer watch, I’ve stumbled across the coolest brand! I ordered my boyfriend a watch from TreeHut a couple of weeks ago and it’s quickly become his favorite gift! The sweetest thing about the company is you can engrave a personal message on the back! Right now they’re having a Valentine’s special as well! The watches are made from 100% real wood! They’re incredibly nice! They also sell couples watches where you can buy 2 together!

Jewelry/Change Trays

I also just recently found this company, Frou Frou & Frill! These are the sweetest little gifts! Plus you can either  personalize one ex. adding a name or just change the colors of an item to fit what you’re wanting! Obsessed! You could change the color of the heart on the one on the right, so it’s more manly, and he can use it as a change holder, a place to keep his wallet, his keys, little things that float around in his pockets!

Too Face x Kat Von D Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection


You’ve probably been thinking, “Claire, it’s so unlike you to not include makeup!” Oh honey, don’t worry it’s here now. Just take this whole palette in real quick. How fun is this? This is the first time that 2 brands have come together to collaborate on 1 product! So exciting! If your girl is girly, loves makeup, loves themed gifts, and you, then she will DIE when you give her this! It’s actually the cutest!


I think you can never go wrong with perfume & cologne! These are just a few very popular scents for him & her! My go-to is Versace Bright Crystal and man, does it smell AMAZING!! <3

Home Decor

Of course, I had to mention Target! To me, Target always has the cutest holiday decor! I think a perfect gift is one that can be used over and over! And nothing is more perfect than cutesy Valentine’s Day themed pillows & home decor, for an affordable price!

I hope this helped and you got some ideas! Feel free to share this, so that someone in your life can get some ideas as well 😉

Happy Early Valentine’s Day! <3

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