Wrapped in Red | Valentine’s Day 2017

Hello Beautiful! <3

Let’s get this out in the open, I’m kinda what you call a hopeless romantic… I’m so unbelievably girly (I even annoy myself sometimes lol)… so Valentine’s Day is up there with some of my favorite holidays, and I don’t really care what you have to say about that! lol 🙂

I’m ALL about getting dolled up (heck, I do makeup for a living), I love trying out new hairstyles, I love shopping & putting together outfits, I love getting ready for events, etc. So any excuse I can make to do so AND do so in a theme (i.e. sparkles/glitter for New Years, red for valentine’s day) I’m ALL about it!

So yes I am a supporter of Valentine’s Day & I don’t care who knows it! (And yes, I’ve been that way my whole life, even as a middle schooler, when every other girl was complaining about being single, I rocked my heart shirt and earrings proudly, and said “SO WHAT!!” I always got heart-shaped candies from my parents!! so HA!

I know what you’re thinking, “Claire, it’s so unlike you to not be in black.” Yes, I know. But sometimes it’s fun to switch it up, and I actually LOVE wearing red, I just don’t own much red!

But look at this dress… *heart eyes*

Is this dress not absolutely adorable & perfect for Valentine’s Day? I’m in LOVE with it! <3

It’s so unbelievably comfortable; It’s made out of a beautiful jersey knit, it’s 100% breathable and relaxed! Perfect for an evening out, you will NOT have to worry about being uncomfortable or have to tug or fix or pull up on anything throughout the day/night! I’m all about comfort, girlfriend! Also, I am loving the side slit on this dress, such a cute element! <3

I kept the styling of this dress pretty simple, letting the dress speak for itself!

I added some simple pearl studs and classic black pumps, and just let the dress do the talking!

My classic red lip is the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Always Red

I threw my hair up into a wispy, low bun updo, so all the details of the back could be seen!

Speaking of the details on the back….


The criss-cross back of this dress is so stunning! It adds a fun element to a classic red dress! So cute!

Wanna hear something amazing? This dress has been made exclusively for J&J Petite Boutique, you cannot find it anywhere else! Wanna know something else? They carry short AND extra short, so yes, you can finally rock a maxi AND be short! It is possible; thanks to J&J! Wanna know even more?! J&J also carries items for all you non-petites! <3

So hurry up, girlfriend, and head over to JJPetite.com, and while you’re at it, snag this gorgeous dress!

P.S. it’s on sale too! 😉

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