Body Scrub, Bath Bombs, & Body Mist…Oh My!

Well hello and welcome back! <3

As many of you may know, I am a total body care/bath products junkie! I’ve always loved Lush, but I was on the market for something new! Then I found Get Naked Bath and Body Co. and they were kind enough to collab with me, and they sent me a box of goodies! I was so ecstatic and just couldn’t wait to try them out!


Their company began with a mother-daughter duo, desiring to make women feel pampered, loved, and confident! They both were die-hard bath takers and lovers and decided to create their own bath products at home! That said hobby soon turned into an amazing business! Plus, ” We make our products with all natural ingredients and they are always handmade so that every product we make is beneficial to you and your skin.  With our love for animals all our products are tested on humans!  All in all, we are mother and daughter and would never sell anything we wouldn’t love to have in our own baths!” (Taken from


I was sold. They’re just the sweetest! And their products are amazing!

They were kind enough to send me a few bath bombs, a body scrub, and a body mist!

I received their Cucumber Melon Exfoliating Body scrub, and oh my goodness, it smells incredible!


It is sooo hydrating and finely-milled, so it doesn’t scratch the crap out of your skin when you use it, which I have experienced with many coarse body scrubs! I am a regular body scrub use, and this has replaced my go-to from Bath and Body Works! Body Scrubs are great for ridding your skin of dryness and prepping your skin for applying fake tanner or getting a spray tan! They have many yummy scents to choose from as well!

Look at how stunning their bath bombs are!


I received their “Around the World” bath bomb, their “Star Gazer” bath bomb, & their brand new Peachy Keen” bath bomb!! If any of you know me, you know bath bombs are basically my favorite things in the world!

These bath bombs are so beautiful too! They each have unique, intricate designs; you can definitely tell they are made with love! And I cannot wait to try that sparkly one! So fun!!

Plus they’re made with natural, good for you ingredients!


Last but definitely not least, I received their Room & Body Mist in the scent Island Nectar! Talk about the smell of vacation in a bottle!! I am a sucker for all beach scents, so this was perfect for me! This product is unique because not only is is made for your body, but it’s also a room spray! The scent is beautiful and not overpowering! It’s very light and airy! I’m in love!

They make many other products including: bath soaks, lip scrubs, lip balms, and a face mask, and I can’t wait to give that a try! <3

So what are you waiting for? Check them out!!

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