$14 for 3 pairs of undies? Sounds too good to be true…

Guess what? It’s not!

The company Splendies recently reached out to me, and I was so excited when they did!

Splendies is unlike most underwear subscription companies, because their sizes range from size small to 3X; that’s incredible! There’s something for everyone!

If you’re a size XS like me, don’t worry! I was weary that my size smalls wouldn’t work for me and they totally did! They actually fit me like really well. And Splendies actually recommends that you go up a size if you’re in between sizes!

My Splendies have become my favorite pairs of underwear I own, and that’s saying something! Cause let’s be honest, not all undies are created equally; but these are amazing, and are amazing quality too!

Splendies let’s you choose whether you want coverage with a traditional style panty, little to no coverage with a traditional thong style, or a mix of both in your surprise package!

And that’s really all you have to do: choose your size and your style preference, and in a few short days 3 pairs of brand new, surprise undies will arrive at your door! That’s right. 3 pairs for $13.99. Amazing!

If surprises aren’t your thing, and you’re afraid you might not like the style of them, Splendies has the unique option of choosing which pairs you’d like to receive as well, by using their Splendies Shop!

Plus, Splendies has an amazing referral program; if you get 3 friends to join, your next package from them is free! FREE.

Speaking of savings… they were kind enough to give YOU GUYS a coupon code!!

Use the code: SPLENDIES for $4 off your first month! That’s amazing! 3 pairs for that price, you can’t beat that!

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