A Day in Indy | Andy Mohr Volkswagen Collaboration


One of my favorite things to do is visit the city. I love big cities! I could easily live in Chicago or New York City, despite what some may say.

There’s just something about a city. (Click here to watch my day in the city!)

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Recently, I headed into Downtown Indianapolis to hit up a few of my favorite places on one of my favorite streets, Mass Ave. Typical basic, Indy girl here; but for real, Mass Ave will always be the cutest. And a Day in Indy will always be one of my favorite things to do.

One of the best restaurants, one of the cutest stores, and a precious store for pups can all be found on Mass Ave, so I grabbed my car keys, my shades, and headed out. Not to mention, Indiana has been having some gorgeous weather recently. Perfect for a day of shopping outside!

This trip to the city was a little different from most, because I teamed up with Andy Mohr Volkswagen Avon and got to take a 2017 Volkswagen Passat out for a spin! (Click here!)

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Now let’s talk about that brand new Passat for a second, shall we….

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I’m a huge fan of sleek, smaller cars, because that’s what I learned to drive on! I’ve tried a few SUVs, and they just aren’t for me. And don’t even get me started on mixing me & trucks. lol

I’m what they like to call “petite,” and I like to feel like I’m in control when I drive, and most big vehicles are a little intimidating for me. So the Passat was perfect for me! And I loved driving it too! It drove so smoothly and effortlessly, it drove like a dream. Plus, it gets great gas mileage! And in a long distance relationship throughout the week and sometimes on weekends, that’s a huge plus for me! (24 city, 34 hwy mpg)

I’m 100% obsessed with black cars. I think they’re so classic, sleek, and sophisticated. I love the look of this car! *whistle whistle*

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Another thing that makes this car super cool, is that it’s a push-to-start! I know what you’re thinking, “Claire, it’s 2017, isn’t everyone’s car a push-to-start these days?” Well sure, maybe they are, but mine isn’t so this was SO neat to me! Plus, it boggles my mind how they even work. Science.

Along with that neat feature, the 2017 Passat also features a Hands-Free Easy Open Trunk! Praise. Say goodbye to dropping everything you own when trying to open your heavy trunk. Oh, is that just me? Welp…

But for real, this is a life saver. You can either, click the button from the key-fob and it’ll pop right open and swing up, or you can be holding as many Target bags as your little arms can carry, and swipe your foot under the rear bumper to unlock and open the trunk, as long as the keys are on your person. Genius.

These are just a few things that I loved about the vehicle.

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Before I journeyed to the city, I set up my Apple Car Play. This feature makes it all worth it in my book. Once you connect your iPhone, (for the iPhone you don’t need to have an app, literally just plug it in) everything you would see on your phone screen is now visible on your touchscreen in the dash! (If you’re an Android user, connect your Android, and make sure you already have the app needed, and then you’re set!)

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This made getting places a breeze, because I hate always having to look back at my phone for the next turn, not hearing what she said because my phone fell between the seats, and missing my turn. Now it’s all right in front of me, clear as day.

Plus, there’s a built-in Siri button on the steering wheel. Talk about hands free and hassle free, kids.

Not only was this car so easy to park just in general because of the design of the car, it also featured “Park Steering Assistance!” Talk about mind-boggling. It can judge whether or not you’d fit into particular spot, and then it helps you steer. Crazy.

Once my Apple Car Play was ready to go, I was ready to go. I pulled out, checked my mirrors (which just so happen to feature a super cool “blind spot monitor” that lights up if someone is approaching you but you can’t see them!), and headed out!

To check out the car in action and a glimpse into my day, watch the video here: A Day in Indy | Andy Mohr Volkswagen Collaboration

I was so thrilled when Andy Mohr Volkswagen reached out to me to do this collab, and I had a blast doing it! Their staff was inviting, kind, and informative! Be sure to check them out in Avon, IN:

Andy Mohr Volkswagen
8791 E US Hwy 36, Avon, IN, United States

Click this link to view the car –> 2017 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT: https://goo.gl/XQP4Wi

Thanks for stopping by!

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 <3 Claire

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