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Maxis. As a petite girl, I’ve always thought I couldn’t rock a maxi. At least, that’s what everyone told me.

And yes, sometimes you can’t, they’re so long I don’t even know who they’d fit, other than Tyra Banks. Have you seen how tall that girl is?

But sometimes you come across the most beautiful maxi you’ve ever seen, so you try it on, over your clothes in the middle of the store, hoping it won’t be too long. And the lady on the floor, who watched you try it on over your clothes, looks at you in it and says, “YAAAAS!!!”


Hi, I’m Claire, I’m 5’2″ (give or take) and I’m Maxi Dress obsessed. And, I don’t care who knows it.

Being short and finding a good maxi is tough. This maxi is perfect though. It’s a “Wrap-Dress,” meaning it literally wraps around my body and ties, so yes, double-knot that sucker.

Because it wraps around and ties, I was able to hike it up a bit by wrapping it as much as possible and tying it as tight as I could. In doing so, I took off some length in the front, so I wouldn’t trip and fall on my face.


This tropical print has me feeling like I’m on vacation… I’m not.

But, don’t you just love those outfits? The ones you put on, and instantly feel in a better mood, and like everything you’re doing that day is the most fun you’ve ever had. Just me? Oh..

I looove anything with a tropical vibe to it, so of course the second I saw this dress, I grabbed it without even thinking about it. It was the only one, and it happened to be on sale. And happened to be my size, so let’s just say, it was meant to be.

I bought this tropical beauty from the cutest boutique in Nashville, TN, not too long ago. Vinnie Louise has 2 locations in Nashville, and you can also shop online! But if you’re in the area, you should totally go to one of their location, they’re actually the cutest.


I also snagged the cutest hat ever that fits like a dream from Vinnie Louise. The hat compliments this dress beautifully, and it’s totally going to be on my head 5 days a week this summer. Hi, I’m Claire, and I’m also hat obsessed, nice to meet you.

I got to shoot this look with some super cool photographers: Cedar & Pine Photography. I am loving how these images turned out, and they were the sweetest, most down to earth girls, with impeccable style! Definitely go check out their work!

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 12.44.34 PM

Unfortunately, my dress & my hat are not available on Vinnie Louise‘s website anymore, but I am linking some similar options below that are either similar in style, print, or both!

Dress: Wrap V Neckline Palm Leaf Print Self Tie Slit DressProvence Leaf Print Maxi DressBohemian Plunge Neck Printed Wrap Maxi DressPlunge Neck Tie-Dyed Wrap Maxi Dress,Multicolor Wrap Front Tie Waist Tropical Floral Print Maxi Dress.

Hat: Tory Burch Gemini Link Straw Fedora (This one is almost identical), Straw Fedora HatGoorin Bros. Fatima Straw Fedora Hat.


Thanks for stopping by,

<3 Claire

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  1. Wow I love this look! Like you, I am also petite (5ft 😩) and find maxi dresses near impossible to find. But this one looks like it was made for you! Wrap dresses are perfect for adjusting the length of them! And the tropical print is just beautiful <3


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