That Dress You Got To Wear Once | Halloween 2017

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Hey friends!

So I guess Halloween is tomorrow, and for most, that’s a “whoopdi-do” statement, but not for me. I understand that there’s those folks who don’t “celebrate” it, but it’s not about “celebrating” anything. It’s about having fun, dressing up, and eating too much chocolate. There doesn’t have to be a dark side to it, and I love Halloween for all those said reasons.

Camden and I have never actually had the chance to dress up and be a “couple’s costume” before, so this year we decided we’d at least do something together. clippeterwendykiss.gif
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Peter Pan and Wendy it was.

Back story…


Camden dressed up as Peter Pan basically everyday in school. All of high school, every Halloween party, every Disney themed spirit week day, he was Peter Pan. He was literally nicknamed Peter Pan. So I guess it really couldn’t escape him this year. Some thing’s you just can’t quite grow out of 😉 (That’s a movie reference, cue the laughter)

This year there was an exception though, he had his Wendy 🙂

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Now let’s talk costume.

We hardly had to spend any money on this look, we used a lot of things we already had, and that’s what I’m here to tell ya about today!

So you remember that one dress in your closet that you only got to wear once?

Maybe you were apart of the “all my friends got married in one summer and none of their wedding colors were the same” boat, in which you’d have about 3 different bridesmaids dresses that just won’t quite sell on Facebook marketplace and are just taking up closet space. Or perhaps you have a few old prom/homecoming dresses still lying around, and if you’re anything like me, and you hit your prime at age 8 and just stopped growing, then your dresses more than likely still fit.

Perfect, that’s what we want.

I had this brilliant idea a few days ago when I saw my dress from my sister’s June wedding just chilling in my closet.

I, of course, recalled that Camden was Peter Pan every year, and when I saw my dress hanging up, I just knew it would make the most perfect Wendy Darling dress. I then needed a bow for my hair and found this one lying around in a bathroom closet that I got from Target over the summer. And volià, I was Wendy.

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For Cam’s costume, he wore some green sweatpants (that were actually mine, that’s what happens when you’re both dwarves) but any olive colored chinos/joggers/skinnies would do, any brown shoes, a brown belt, and a cheap green tee we got from Walmart that we cut up. Tadahhhh super simple!

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So this got me thinking, most formal/semi-formal dresses would make the perfect Disney princess/Disney leading ladies’ dresses, so here are some ideas for you:

Ariel & Prince Charming + Sleeping Beauty & Prince Charming

For either princess, a simple, light pink dress would do the trick. Of course, if you had the same color hair as the princess that’d just be added bonus points.

For the princes:

Eric – Dark skinny jeans, a white button up, any belt or a piece of red fabric wrapped around the waist as a belt

Prince Charming – blue skinny jeans, a blue tee shirt, a red zip up hoodie OR blue skinny jeans, a red tee shirt, and a jean jacket

Beauty & the Beast

For Belle, a yellow bridesmaid/formal dress, of course. Plus adding small details like a yellow ribbon in your hair or some gloves would add the final touches.

For the beast, a dark pair or black pair of skinny jeans, a brown/caramel tee, and a jean jacket or blue zip up hoodie

Meg & Hercules

Meg is an all time favorite of mine, just saying.

Any kind of purple or magenta shade would work for Meg! If you’re feeling adventures, cut out little brown circles from construction paper and attach them to your straps like hers. I’d pull your hair back in a voluminous ponytail to really seal the deal.

For Hercules, it’s kind of unfortunate, but he’s kind of in brown on brown. So good luck! 😉 Lol. Or you can go the shirtless route I guess.

Cinderella & Prince Charming

I feel like any shade of blue would work for Cinderella, especially if you have blonde hair.

For the prince, I would go with maroon colored sweatpants or skinny jeans and a chambray button up shirt.

Pocahontas & John Smith

And last, but not least, Pocahontas. For her look, any tan/caramel colored dress, or even a beigey nude colored dress would work. To really sell it, add some fun blue jewelry.

For John Smith, you could just wear any denim jeans and any shade of grey button up shirt.

I hope this helped to get your brain wheels moving and helped you come up with something fun to be! Of course you can take this kind of approach with any character! And if not this year, in years to come!

Thanks so much for hanging out with me! <3


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2 thoughts on “That Dress You Got To Wear Once | Halloween 2017

  1. This was just the article I needed to read! My husband and I want to dress up, but don’t want to spend money on a costume. I saw your post on instagram and realized we have all that we need for a Wendy+Peter pan costume as well! Thanks for the inspiration! I’ll make sure to tag you in our photo tomorrow😊

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