Skin, Lash, & Life Update: My First Dermaplane Facial, First Set of Lash Extensions, AND my Current Skincare Routine.. Oh My!

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Today’s post is super exciting and it’s going to be a long one, but it is full of firsts!! I’ve never really been one to put a lot of care and attention into my skincare or self-care, I know, I know. Not good. But as the wedding started to approach quicker and quicker (like we’re talking under 3 months now), my skin started to get a little worse, my mind started to get a little more boggled, and I was starting to go a little crazy! Lol.

Not actually crazy, I’ve actually been doing super well when it comes to my mental health and controlling my mind! I have struggled with anxiety for so long, but I’ve really learned how to take captive my thoughts and control my mind better and to put myself in a more positive mindset! Thank the Lord. (A post on that can happen if you want it!!) But even though that’s the case, life is still stressful, planning a wedding is stressful, finding a place to live is stressful, trying to make money is stressful, so you could say I’ve been a little stressed! So all of that started to result in a little more acne on my chin, less sleep, and a little more headaches. It was time I really took my skincare seriously and started to practice a little more self-care.

So it was then that I decided that maybe a facial was a good idea, maybe a relaxing time in a sauna was a good idea too, to really just breathe and relax. That’s where Body Lyft System Greenwood comes in, a med spa that focuses on total body transformation!

I visited their Greenwood location to get my first ever derma-planning facial done! If you don’t know what that is, it basically is like “shaving” your face, it gets rid of all the baby hairs while also deeply exfoliating the skin and removing all your dead skin cells! My skin looked and felt so baby soft!!

Here’s what my skin looked like before:

Here’s what my skin looked like after:

You can see that my skin just looks soft to the touch!! And the acne on my chin was more calm! My makeup went on so well after this; derma-planning really gives you a smooth, perfect canvas, which is great for us makeup wearers!

So like I said Body Lyft also offers so many different services! Tons of different facials, body lifting services, massages, and an infrared sauna which has so many different health benefits!

I took the sauna for a spin while I was there and man, was it relaxing! It was super hot don’t get me wrong, and you seriously do just sit there and feel like a million degrees, but I really tried to practice the art of relaxing (tough, huh?) by trying to do some deep breathing, listening to worship music, letting myself sweat out all the toxins in my body, and heck, I even burned some calories!! Did you know that using a sauna you actually burn calories? Up to 500 in 30 minutes!! Crazy!

So whether you want to reduce cellulite, contour your body, tighten your skin, get non-surgical lip, or detoxify your body, Body Lyft has a treatment for you!!

While I was there, we also hooked me up to the machine that’s meant to really help “define” and “contour” your muscles. So we used it on my tummy to really help define the contours of my tummy and accentuate my “abs.” Lol. It’s a super awesome concept, I don’t even understand the science behind it, but I do know that it really works your muscles and after the procedure my abs felt like I had worked out for an hour! haha

Body Lyft offers deals all the time!! So definitely check for those!

A super neat thing about Body Lyft is that they have multiple locations in Indy and even in other states!! Check for a location near you!

Okay our next stop on the “Pamper Claire Train” is eyelash extensions! I have always wanted to try them out but for some reason just never have!

I went to Taylor Thomas of Volumabeauty! She’s located inside the Celebrity Style Salon in Fishers, IN, which I know is a jaunt for us south-siders, but she is so good at what she does so it was worth it!!

We went for more of a natural set to just give me a little bit of “something something!” I absolutely love how they look!!

I love being able to just wake up and feel put together!! I leave my house Monday through Friday without makeup almost every week, but having the lashes makes it even more doable for me!!

I will say it is challenging for me with makeup! Since makeup is what I do and I’m a huge make-up lover, its nearly impossible to keep it off of my lashes! I do feel like I struggle to get them clean enough before bed which I don’t love!! But if you aren’t a makeup lover and wearer, or you’re going on a vacation where you know you won’t be wearing a ton of makeup, especially not eye makeup, then you will LOVE having lash extensions!!

Book with Taylor here!

And last but not least, my skincare routine!!!

I get questions about this all the time, and my skincare routine has completely changed since the last time I talked about it, so I wanted to throw my products in here for you too!!

Depending on how long you’ve been following me, you may have seen what my chin used to look like back in the day! (2 years ago lol) I have no idea, to this day, what caused my chin’s freak out, (if you want to see it in action head to my Youtube and watch videos from 2017 haha!) I’ve seen a dermatologist, a doctor, an allergist, an esthetician, and no one knows what caused it, but I think I’ve found a skincare routine that keeps it at bay!

I’m just going to list my products I use and the links to shop them, and if you have any questions about them, leave a comment or DM me on Instagram!


This cleanser is so good, and it works for all skin types! It’s super gentle and even good for people with sensitive skin!

Facial Oils


I LOVE Neutrogena skincare and it’s so affordable! This has been my favorite hydrating moisturizer for so long!

Under Eye Treatment

So if you’ve been following me for awhile, or just have eyes, then you’d notice that I have hereditary dark circles! I was born with them! They used to bother me so bad, and I would cake makeup under there and never leave the house without it. It’s taken me awhile to get to a place of being totally confident with my bare face because of my dark circles, but I’m there now! I finally accepted that I am made in the image of our Lord, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and there is no flaw in me.

With that being said though, it is important to take care of your skin and treat it well so that it lives it’s best life!! My favorite eye cream is the Olehenriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme with Vitamin C, I love the subtle glow it gives you, and it looks stunning on the skin alone too!

My other favorite product for under my eyes are the VII Code O2M Oxygen Eye Masks for dark circles! These eye masks are super unique, as you where them overnight to get the best results! (8 hrs.) These eye masks help to nourish the skin around your eyes, so you wake up looking and feeling refreshed and well rested! Oxygen infused products are so good for your skin! These Oxygen Eye Masks help to de-puff the skin and give you more firm, hydrated under eye skin! These Eye Masks also have Grapeseed Oil, Seaweed, and White Tea in them to help reduce wrinkles, restore the hydration of the skin cells, and retain moisture longer!

I love the way my skin feels when I apply the eye masks, because there’s a little bit of a cooling sensation so it really helps to wake your skin up the next morning when you take the eye masks off!

Acid Exfoliant

This product is a little unique! It’s a chemical exfoliant, so a  lactic acid treatment that immediately exfoliates the skin, helps to un-clog pores to reveal clearer, smoothers, better skin! I use this on my chin as well to help break up the bumps and achieve smoother skin!

My go-to masks

My go-to acne treatment

This line of acne products is the only line that actually works for my acne! It’s on the more “natural” side, with no parabens and 100% vegetarian ingredients!

Thanks for stopping by!

xx Claire

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