That One Time We Got Married | Our Stay at Ironworks Hotel


I’m a married woman now, holy cow! It’s been so long since I’ve been on here, and man, has a lot happened since!!

For one, we got married!! Hello!! Then we headed out on our adventure in Greece!! Highly recommend honeymooning in Greece, we stayed on the island of Mykonos and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!

Then we came home for a few days, unpacked some boxes, and then headed out to Hawaii for Camden’s brother’s wedding! Now we’re home, and we leave for another mission trip to Haiti in 4 days! Talk about a crazy few weeks! But hey, we’re almost to the 1 month mark of being married, and it’s been so fun getting to do all of this together!!

Because a million things have happened in the last month, you can expect a million blog posts to go live!! (Well maybe not a million, but more than usual!!)

So I’m starting at the beginning with the night before our wedding and our phenomenal stay at Ironworks Hotel Indy!

If you live under a rock, Ironworks Hotel Indy is the COOLEST hotel in Indianapolis!!

Ironworks Hotel is a unique, boutique hotel located at Keystone Crossing in Indianapolis, IN with an industrial feel, built to last, with fine dining and exquisite shopping experiences right at your finger tips.

My bridal party and I had the chance to stay at Ironworks Hotel the night before our wedding, and it genuinely is the coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. We stayed in the Heritage Room, which has 2 queen sized beds and a couch that turned into another queen sized bed. It was exactly enough space for me, my 3 bridesmaids, and my mom!

The staff of Ironworks Hotel treated us so nicely and went above and beyond taking care of us! They greeted us with a welcome basket in our room with a sweet note, waters, and local snacks, and the cutest set up of Iron Works robes and sunnies!!! Werk.

They were so accommodating and helpful, and the room was absolutely perfect for what we needed!! There was ample space for makeup and hair for a total of 7 people with 4 artists!

And yes, I did my own makeup curled up in a ball on the couch!! Lol.

The lighting in our room was incredible too because of all the amazing windows!!

We set up makeup by the windows and hair at the other end of the room with an artificial LED light, so there was plenty of space!! While girls weren’t in the makeup or hair chair, they hung out on the beds, and ate breakfast from the perfect little bar area under the TV. (A smart TV, I might add!) It was so fun having all of us in the room together!

I just loved all the architectural and artistic touches of the room, like the exposed brick wall, the adorable leather couch, and the bathroom was so neat with the most amazing shower head!! haha Even the light fixtures of this hotel are so cool!

Ironworks Hotel is located at 2721 East 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN, which is the most convenient place to be for all your eating, drinking, and shopping needs. We had our rehearsal dinner that same night so I wasn’t able to spend us much time at all the neighboring places as I would’ve liked to, but we did get to eat Rize for breakfast and it was so amazing!!

You can even fill out a little sheet for your door for room service up until 2 AM the morning you’ll be needing it, which was so easy to do! We woke up and bam, our food was there!!

My girls and I could not have had a better time at Iron Works Hotel, and we are so grateful to them for taking such good care of us!

They even upgraded me and my husband to one of their incredible suites the night of our wedding and we couldn’t have been treated more like royalty! It was insane! (Unfortunately, my phone broke on our honeymoon and I lost all 20,000 photos on my phone, so I don’t have any of pictures from that room anymore, and I didn’t have our camera with me! :(( But we took 1 picture on film and you can check out the room layout here!!!)

Ironworks Hotel Indy gets an A+++ on customer service, style, accommodations, location, amenities, and everything else in between, and a 15/10 for having the ability to make their guests feel like a million bucks!! I highly recommend Iron Works Hotel for your next big occasion or just for a weekend staycation, because Iron Works is where it’s at!!!!

Check them out on Instagram:

Thank you so much, Ironworks Hotel Indy!!


Ironworks Hotel Indy was so gracious to me and collaborated with me on our wedding weekend.

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