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Halloween is tomorrow!! Do you have your costume yet? Most likely. But if not, here are some fun ideas!!

I know of a few Halloween parties around Indy this weekend, even though it’s after Halloween, so I still wanted to get this up in case you needed some more ideas!

Anything that you can shop from these looks will be linked at the bottom of this post!

Loonette the Clown & Major Bedhead from The Big Comfy Couch

This has to be my favorite costume I’ve ever done by far. This show was my JAM growing up, and I always wanted to be her. These costumes were so easy! (And so was the makeup!) Our entire outfits are from Goodwill and our accessories are from Amazon!

Nancy Wheeler & Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things

This is definitely tied for my favorite costume I’ve ever done. We actually already owned every piece of this costume; My dress was from a thrift store, and his outfit is entirely from target!

I think a few key parts of this costume that scream Nancy and Jonathan, are the vintage camera and her iconic Season 3 hairstyle!

I followed a hair tutorial to get her signature look, and you can watch that video here!

Creepy Doll

This look is actually super easy, and I used everything I already had in my collection! I didn’t use any paints or Halloween makeup to achieve this look, I only used makeup I already had and wear everyday.

The dress I already had in my closet, and I just braided my hair to look a little bit childish. The makeup look really is super simple, I just did a basic glam on the eyes, my normal foundation routine, I added lashes and fake freckles, and then it really is all about the marionette mouth, which you just achieve by shading lines on either side of your mouth to make a puppet mouth. I also did a super heavy contour at my cheekbones and rounded it out towards the apples of my cheeks.

Modern Day Snow White (or any Princess)

This look is super fun and you can re-create it doing any Disney princess. I did Snow White because I have dark hair and paler skin. It was super duper easy. I ordered all the pieces for the costume on Amazon, and each piece comes in a variety of colors so you could do a modern day Disney princess easily of any princess you choose!

Elphaba (Wicked Witch of the West)

This costume definitely requires the most makeup usage just because you are painting yourself completely green. I think what sets a good wicked witch costume apart from a bad one, is the usage of multiple different shades of green, white, gray, and black, to add a bunch of contours, highlights, and depth to the face.

Anybody can slap on green face paint from the Halloween store and call it a day, but if you want to take your look to the next level, adding contours and highlights and doing an intense eye look, plus adding a multi-dimensional lip, makes you stand out from the classic wicked witch, and definitely gears towards the iconic Broadway version, Elphaba.

Cute Clown

Again, this one is so easy! Are we seeing a theme here? I literally just had a normal face make up on, I added lashes, and then I just drew on triangles above and below my eyes, extended the corners of my mouth, and added a clown nose which I chose to be a heart, but you could do whatever shape you want! You could also just wear a fake clown nose!

Oompa Loompa

This look definitely is on the makeup heavy side as well, but it only involves three different colors which are green, orange, and white. I did have to use paint for this look, because I don’t have a foundation that is this orange!

You truly just paint your entire face orange, white out your eyebrows, do whatever eye look you want, and add on a green wig! If you want to get fancy and add depth to the face, you can contour with different shades of brown, as well as adding white on the higher points of your face! Your costume for this could be anything brown and tan and some white gloves!


This look may look tough, but it’s actually super simple and does not require a deep knowledge of Special FX makeup! I just did a basic makeup look using a lighter foundation to make me look paler, I did a burgundy and red smoky eye, I wore a dark berry lip, and I took a red lip liner and drew veins coming out of my eyes. All I did for the blood was take a chunky scab blood from the Halloween store and threw it around my mouth!

If all else fails, a Skull

I don’t have any make up tutorials on the look like this, but if you Google it you will find thousands of them on the Internet. Skull faces can be a little bit intimidating, but it’s actually fairly simple, because you are truly just following the natural bone structure of your face with color.

The teeth of the skeleton are definitely the trickiest part. But I do find it easier to do the lines 1st, and then take a small round detail brush, placing the white paint directly down on your lip first, and then dragging upward for the top teeth and downward for the lower, and releasing pressure as you go; It helps the fade to happen naturally, and the brush shape will place the tooth perfectly for you and basically do all the work on its own.

Shop the looks below!

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