My Guide to Buying for Men | Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Hey friends!

Today I’m bringing you some gift ideas for the men in your life! (Shop all of the gift ideas at the bottom of this post!!)

I got a few requests for what to buy for new boyfriends and fiancés, so I threw together this gift guide that includes a bunch of gifts I’ve gotten my husband before, who was once my new boyfriend and my fiancé. Haha I’ve also included gifts I’m thinking of getting him this year!

I absolutely love giving gifts, and I actually have so much fun buying for Cam and putting together his gifts! So here are my gift ideas for your boyfriend, fiancé, husband, and every man in between! Haha


Some options that are always good ideas that men secretly love but wouldn’t ask for are: high-quality, warm socks (perfect for hiking or one who has an outdoor job, or heck, just likes to be cosy, dang it), thick, warm stylish beanies, and gloves! (Bonus points if they’re stylish too, like the ones linked below!) Cam also said he feels like he never has enough good pairs of underwear that fit well, because they’re too dang expensive! So he would never go out and buy more on his own, so something like that would be a perfect idea for Christmas! As silly as that sounds, he is all about gifts having a reason and a purpose, or otherwise they’re useless, so I’d say all those gifts are pretty useful. Haha

A nice, warm scarf falls into this category as well! Cam always talks about how he wishes he had a warm scarf, I feel like scarves these days are made for fashion for men and not for warmth, so finding one that will actually do its job is key.

He also loves a good pair of nice, cozy sweatpants! I linked a great option!


A nice pair of genuine leather boots are such a nice gift because they will last him a lifetime! His favorite boot company is the Frye Boot Co.

Another great idea are warm, house slippers with a rubber bottom. These are perfect for anyone who lives in an apartment or area where they have to take their dog out on a leash at an ungodly hour in 20 degree weather and don’t feel like lacing up boots. Cam has found his to be super helpful to have by our front door, so he can just slip them on and run our dog outside!

Board Games

We love playing board games together, and if you are the entertaining friends it’s always a good idea to have an extensive collection of fun games on hand. Two of his favorite are Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan.

A deck of fun playing cards of something he’s interested in is a fun idea too! I.e. his favorite show, place, etc.

Skin Care/Hair Care

It’s just as important for our men to take care of their skin, as it is our own! A few great ideas are a skincare set if they’re just getting into skincare, and Clairisonic facial brush; it makes skincare fun, so I think gifting this will peak his interest about getting more into taking care of his skin!

A beard grooming gift set is a great idea, as well as nice hair products! An electronic beard trimmer with multiple different lengths is a great option too!

Personalized Gifts

These tend to be Cam’s favorite gifts, and to be honest, I love gifting them! I’ve gotten him engraved, wooden watches on 2 occasions, once for an anniversary and once for a wedding gift, and he absolutely loves them!

He actually just loves watches in general, so if you have a man in your life who has a lot of watches, a personalized watch display box is the perfect gift option!

Another gift you can’t go wrong with is a printed photo album from Shutterfly! I get Cam these for every big milestone, like anniversaries, or after we go on trips, and I made one of our wedding photos too! He absolutely loves them! Another few fun options from Shutterfly are printed canvases or even mugs and ornaments with your personal photos on them!

Bigger Gift Ideas

It’s always nice when you are able to spoil the men in your life with a nicer gift! A few of Cam’s favorite gifts he’s received are his Patagonia duffel bag and his Marshall Speaker! His Patagonia bag is super nice, comes in a bunch of colors, and is his favorite bag to take on trips, to go hiking with, and on weekend getaways! Our Marshall speaker has a retro look to it and sits out in our entertainment space, and we both love the look of it!

A nice, heavy duty hardshell suitcase makes a great gift if you know of some trips coming up or if your suitcases just aren’t cutting it anymore! We traveled all summer long with hard-shell suitcases we received last Christmas, and they were incredible to have!

Another gift idea that Cam has mentioned is a “foot and calf” massager LOL He seems to always have some pain somewhere (don’t we all?!), and he said he’s tried this before and it was the best thing ever!! Haha A massage chair, back massager, all of those, are great options too!

A fun jacket or coat is a great option as well, Cam loves his sherpa-lined denim jacket, and Levi’s makes the best!

Stocking Stuffers

Stockings are so fun because you can throw so many little things in there! I love getting him his favorite candies, but I do like to include some real “gift” items too!

Something he never leaves the house without is a handy-dandy multi-purpose tool, that he can either keep in his pocket or his wallet. I’m always like do you have scissors? Yes. Can you open this? Yes. Do you have nail clippers? Yes. You get the picture. Haha It’s a great stocking stuffer idea!!

A nice wallet is always a great option too! Another idea that may be totally silly is a head scratcher or back scratcher, because let’s be honest, we all know how good those feel. Haha

Cam loves hot sauce, so a hot sauce gift set is also a fun idea to throw into your man’s stocking!

Something cute or fun could be a key chain or ornament relevant to your man & his interests, so for Camden that we be a camera or a video camera! It’s just something cute & extra to throw in!

I hope you found this helpful!


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