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Live Life in Color

The Life in Color Presets, designed for Lightroom Desktop and Mobile, will elevate your photos into something magical!

If you love colorful, bright photos, you will love these presets! I have spent tons of time and money on presets, only to be let down by how they worked on my own photos, so I took matters into my own hands. For over a year and a half, I have been perfecting my Life in Color Presets, so that you will love them as much as I do! They are a great jumping off point when it comes to editing your photos, designed for both RAW and JPEG files (Sold together in a collection, but JPEG are also sold separately). Of course some tweaks will have to be made, depending on lighting, environment, skin tones/hair color, etc., but my Life in Color Presets will help transform your photos into something beautiful. These presets showcase the beauty found in real life, but with a little more color 😉 


“Girl! These are a dream! I bought them and have been playing around on some old photos. I’m a photographer, and I SUCK at finding a solid edit that pulls such gorgeous colors!! Your presets are gorgeous!!” – Lindsay

“I just wanted to say [I’m] loving the presets! This is using Rainbow Fizz; Keeps the tones the same but amplifies them beautifully!” – Gina of Gina Celeste Boutique

“WOW! These presets are INCREDIBLE!!!” – Kristen

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