Jumpsuits & Jesus | Daisy Shoppe

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Happy Wednesday!

Today’s post is in collaboration with Daisy Shoppe! Daisy Shoppe is located in California with multiple locations, and they actually have been around for quite some time! They celebrated their 50th anniversary in June of 2016! How cool is that?

They pride themselves in providing “cute and happy clothes,” and gifts for the everyday girl! Not only do they carry clothing and accessories, but they also carry home goods and little trinkets. So fun!

Not only that, but they also carry faith-based journals, devotionals, and adorable little Bibles.

Basically, they’re a one-stop-shop and every girl’s dream!

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This Palm Printed jumpsuit is so fun & perfect for summer! It’s also available in black.

It’s one of those unique jumpsuits, with the leg slits, so it’s basically like you’re wearing a romper!! That style is perfect for super hot, summer days! And the fabric of this jumpsuit is super lightweight and very breathable!

I’m wearing a size XS, and I’m 5’1 for reference. I paired this beauty with some heels, as it was a little long on your girl, but hey, what isn’t?!

My tassel earrings and belt are both from Target, and were super on sale and are super old. Sorry girl!

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So like I mentioned earlier, they also carry little knickknacks, home goods, and faith-based books and journals.

This little Devotional Bible for Women is also from Daisy Shoppe, and it’s amazing, and also the cutest!

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As many of you may know, I am a Christian, and as a Christ follower it is vital that we get into the word every single day so that we may grow on our walk with the Lord.

I know at times it is so tough to either find the time or just the motivation to do it. I also know that making it a part of your daily routine is challenging. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.

Okay, I haven’t just “been there”… it’s a reoccurring theme sometimes in my life. We get so distracted by all of the hustle and bustle of this life, making plans, working hard, going, going, going, and sometimes we leave the Lord right out of it all.

It’s ironic though because without Him, we’d be nothing, have nothing, and could do nothing. But we’re humans, and we make mistakes (boy, do we make mistakes), but the grace of our Lord is sufficient and ever-present, and all He wants from us is to get back up, keep trying, and to keep pursuing Him.

This devotional book has helped me so much! There’s just something about holding a tangible book, rather than just scrolling through a Bible app. I have more motivation to pick up a book than to just open up another app. I feel more connected and like what I’m doing is important, because now it’s separate from all the other things I already do on my phone. Do you get what I’m saying?

It’s also a beautiful book just to look at, so sometimes it catches my eye, and I’m like, “Hey!” so I sit back down with it and go through it, if I maybe forgot to that morning, because again, “life happens,” even though life can’t happen without Him.. but you get the point. Lol.

This Devotional for Women is split up into daily readings, each reading coincides with the date! Each day is filled with verses plus a small application paragraph at the end! I love it!

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Thank you so much for stopping by!

xx Claire

Pastels with Polly Ruth

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Hey friends!

Welcome back 🙂

Today’s post is in collaboration with Polly Ruth Boutique! Also, shoutout to The Flying Cupcake for allowing us to shoot there… I mean, come on… could this dress match this bakery any better?

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This. Dress.

I don’t think it could scream “Happy Spring!” any louder.

Purchase it HERE!

I love the colors of this beauty. The combo of the pastel mint + baby pink is just too pretty, and obviously works well together, hence all of the decor of the bakery. Lol.

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I absolutely LOVE the length of this dress too! I am not one to wear super short dresses and skirts, so this one was right up my alley. It’s super comfortable as well, and very easy to just throw on and go!

It has very unique seam details throughout the bodice as well, which adds a unique, fun element to the already super-fun-dress.

I’ve mentioned before that I lead worship at my church, so this dress is perfect for me too because I am able to wear it on stage because of the length!

Speaking of, I think this would make the most perfect dress for Easter! So so springy & pretty!

You could easily dress it down, and wear a jean jacket and some flat mules, like I wore. Or you could dress it up a bit with some heeled sandals and more jewelry!

My shoes & bag are by VICI, but here are similar options:


Same bag, different color

And my earrings are by BauebleBar: Sugarfix by BaubleBar Triad Ball Drop Earrings

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If you’re curious, my lip color is “Double Scoop” by Colourpop, and there’s a tutorial on a similar makeup look on my channel, using this lip color: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d36M3l45Glo

And most importantly, my cupcake is the “Pretty in Pink”, which is strawberry with cream cheese frosting, and it’s the best.

Thanks for stopping by!

xx Claire

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That Dress You Got To Wear Once | Halloween 2017

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Hey friends!

So I guess Halloween is tomorrow, and for most, that’s a “whoopdi-do” statement, but not for me. I understand that there’s those folks who don’t “celebrate” it, but it’s not about “celebrating” anything. It’s about having fun, dressing up, and eating too much chocolate. There doesn’t have to be a dark side to it, and I love Halloween for all those said reasons.

Camden and I have never actually had the chance to dress up and be a “couple’s costume” before, so this year we decided we’d at least do something together. clippeterwendykiss.gif
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Peter Pan and Wendy it was.

Back story…


Camden dressed up as Peter Pan basically everyday in school. All of high school, every Halloween party, every Disney themed spirit week day, he was Peter Pan. He was literally nicknamed Peter Pan. So I guess it really couldn’t escape him this year. Some thing’s you just can’t quite grow out of 😉 (That’s a movie reference, cue the laughter)

This year there was an exception though, he had his Wendy 🙂

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Now let’s talk costume.

We hardly had to spend any money on this look, we used a lot of things we already had, and that’s what I’m here to tell ya about today!

So you remember that one dress in your closet that you only got to wear once?

Maybe you were apart of the “all my friends got married in one summer and none of their wedding colors were the same” boat, in which you’d have about 3 different bridesmaids dresses that just won’t quite sell on Facebook marketplace and are just taking up closet space. Or perhaps you have a few old prom/homecoming dresses still lying around, and if you’re anything like me, and you hit your prime at age 8 and just stopped growing, then your dresses more than likely still fit.

Perfect, that’s what we want.

I had this brilliant idea a few days ago when I saw my dress from my sister’s June wedding just chilling in my closet.

I, of course, recalled that Camden was Peter Pan every year, and when I saw my dress hanging up, I just knew it would make the most perfect Wendy Darling dress. I then needed a bow for my hair and found this one lying around in a bathroom closet that I got from Target over the summer. And volià, I was Wendy.

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For Cam’s costume, he wore some green sweatpants (that were actually mine, that’s what happens when you’re both dwarves) but any olive colored chinos/joggers/skinnies would do, any brown shoes, a brown belt, and a cheap green tee we got from Walmart that we cut up. Tadahhhh super simple!

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So this got me thinking, most formal/semi-formal dresses would make the perfect Disney princess/Disney leading ladies’ dresses, so here are some ideas for you:

Ariel & Prince Charming + Sleeping Beauty & Prince Charming

For either princess, a simple, light pink dress would do the trick. Of course, if you had the same color hair as the princess that’d just be added bonus points.

For the princes:

Eric – Dark skinny jeans, a white button up, any belt or a piece of red fabric wrapped around the waist as a belt

Prince Charming – blue skinny jeans, a blue tee shirt, a red zip up hoodie OR blue skinny jeans, a red tee shirt, and a jean jacket

Beauty & the Beast

For Belle, a yellow bridesmaid/formal dress, of course. Plus adding small details like a yellow ribbon in your hair or some gloves would add the final touches.

For the beast, a dark pair or black pair of skinny jeans, a brown/caramel tee, and a jean jacket or blue zip up hoodie

Meg & Hercules

Meg is an all time favorite of mine, just saying.

Any kind of purple or magenta shade would work for Meg! If you’re feeling adventures, cut out little brown circles from construction paper and attach them to your straps like hers. I’d pull your hair back in a voluminous ponytail to really seal the deal.

For Hercules, it’s kind of unfortunate, but he’s kind of in brown on brown. So good luck! 😉 Lol. Or you can go the shirtless route I guess.

Cinderella & Prince Charming

I feel like any shade of blue would work for Cinderella, especially if you have blonde hair.

For the prince, I would go with maroon colored sweatpants or skinny jeans and a chambray button up shirt.

Pocahontas & John Smith

And last, but not least, Pocahontas. For her look, any tan/caramel colored dress, or even a beigey nude colored dress would work. To really sell it, add some fun blue jewelry.

For John Smith, you could just wear any denim jeans and any shade of grey button up shirt.

I hope this helped to get your brain wheels moving and helped you come up with something fun to be! Of course you can take this kind of approach with any character! And if not this year, in years to come!

Thanks so much for hanging out with me! ❤


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Behind the Bohème + Plaid Perfection

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Hi there, folks!

I am so excited to be sharing this blog post with you.

I had the pleasure of visiting Kindred – The Bohème Collective aka Kindred Boheme, in Carmel, IN a few weeks back and met the lovely owner, Christie Wright. Christie, licensed cosmetologist, founder and operator of Kindred, combined her love of hair and fashion, and created Kindred, “a place filled with inspiration in every corner.” 

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Now, let me break it down for you.

Kindred – comes from the term “kindred spirits”

Bohème –  {french}: a person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior.

Collective – We are a collection of services (hair salon), products (boutique), and events (workshops) reflecting a bohemian lifestyle.

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Kindred currently resides in a quaint house located at 301 S Rangeline Rd. It’s actually the cutest little store and is decorated amazingly. It’s basically everything I want my house to look like. “From the canopy draped sunroom filled with plants to the room with birch branch clothing racks, each and every room is a part of the experience.”

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The clothing they sell are AMAZING! Everything they offer is 100% my style, so I was thrilled to do a collaboration with Kindred. The style and vibe of the store is very synonymous with the owner Christie’s own personal style and home decor. (We should probably be BFF’s)

One thing Christie is passionate about is bringing freedom of style to Carmel (where they are located). I also am an avid supporter of that, and hope to broadcast that message to my audience through my blog posts, Instagram, and more. “Far too often, I hear women be in love with an item but worry they can’t “pull it off” and I want nothing more than to release them of that fear. Both in what they wear and how they decorate a space. Life’s too short not to surround yourself with things that speak to your soul.” Amen, Christie.

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Kindred is all about Floral Flowy Tunics, Chunky Sweaters, Jumpsuits, Maxi Dresses, Vintage Victorian Blouses, and Vintage Denim, not to mention, they also sell candles, jewelry, handbags, and home goods, as well as their Italian hair products line–Davines. And everything is just the cutest–and unconventional. Meaning, they stray far away from average, predictable, ordinary, and basic, and pay more attention to gorgeous detailing, raw textures, and natural tones, all of course with the utmost quality.

A few brands they proudly offer are Amuse Society, Knot Sisters, LoveStitch, and Free People, and you can shop both online and in store! Not everything is sold online, but their best sellers and vintage pieces are.

Speaking of vintage pieces, Kindred also offers unique, vintage pieces. “There are so many amazing pieces out there that have been loved and have a story to tell. And it’s our way of loving the earth through re-using these unique, trendy, great quality pieces.”

I love everything Kindred stands for, so of course, a collaboration only made sense.


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This. Dress. I LOVE plaid. I love plaid everything. And I love black. This outfit is my jam. I am about 5’2″, so it’s a great length as a dress on me, but for all you tall gals, it would make a super cute tunic/top 🙂

This adorable plaid button up, by PPLA Clothing, is perfect, and will be on repeat this fall and winter for me. It can be styled in so many different ways! I went a more simple route, by pairing it with some high-knee boots, a belt, and a hat, but you could totally pair it with some tights + booties, a jean jacket, or even wear it open with a tunic top + leggings. It’s so cute and super versatile! I love it! And it has POCKETS!

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It’s unbelievably comfortable!! And I love how the pattern on the inside is a smaller plaid too, such a cute touch.

My dress is currently not online, but you can shop their collection here: https://kindred-the-boheme-collective.myshopify.com.

My Boots (similar): http://rstyle.me/~a8Ysshttp://rstyle.me/~a8Ysvhttp://rstyle.me/~a8YsC

Hat: http://rstyle.me/~9ZiDehttp://rstyle.me/~9ZiDfhttp://rstyle.me/~9ZiFd

Belt (very similar): http://rstyle.me/~a8YsShttp://rstyle.me/~a8YsT

Be sure to follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kindredboheme/

You can use the code: BOHEME20 for 20% off on your online order!! 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by!

xx Claire

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Sweater Weather | Rib + Thistle

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Guess who’s back? Back? Back? Back again?


Hey there girl, welcome back!

Can I just say how happy I am that it is finally cooling down. Thank you, Jesus. No really, Jesus, thank you!!! I was starting to think I was just gonna have to be sweaty for the rest of my life… how cute would that have been.

Today I am teaming up with a brand new boutique: Rib + Thistle! I stumbled upon them on Instagram awhile back! I actually found them before their store even launched, but I knew it was one I would love to work with, so I eagerly awaited their launch!

They are officially open online, check them out here: https://www.ribandthistle.com.

And follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ribandthistle/

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I’m actually obsessed with this little ensemble! Rust/Maroon/Burgundy/Whatever you wanna call it, is one of my all time favorite colors!!! (Along with mustard, camel, olive, dark teal, heather grey… I really thrive in the fall time lol)

This lightweight, (almost) mock neck sweater from Rib + Thistle is a new fav of mine and will definitely be worn a million times! It’s so comfortable, breathable, and easy to just throw on and go!

That’s what I love about sweater weather, you can throw on a cute sweater with a basic pair of jeans and you look like you tried your hardest, when really you’re just warm and comfortable! I love me some good sweaters.

Speaking of, the details of this sweater are to die for.

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I am in loooove with the texture if this sweater! And I love the neckline as well! It’s also a little bit cropped, which is my jam. And this sweater also comes in grey!

I paired this cropped rust sweater with my go-to high-waisted denim from Hollister, that fit me like a dream! And these booties…

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When I saw these little guys online, I literally just hit “add to cart,” without even thinking. Lol.

I got these beauties on JustFab! If you don’t know what JustFab is, it’s a monthly subscription service where you can purchase shoes, handbags, clothing, accessories, for waaay cheaper than the retail price! To join click HERE!

To purchase the booties click HERE!

Be sure to check out Rib + Thistle, and while you’re at it, use the coupon code: CLAIRE15 for 15% off your order! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Claire


At Home Teeth Whitening with Smile Brilliant

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Hey there!

I am super excited about today’s post! I have teamed up with an amazing company, with an even more amazing product.

Smile Brilliant is a company focused on creating teeth whitening products that are passionately engineered for everyone. Finally, a teeth whitening system that’s easy to use and perfect for everyone!

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Before You Whiten:

The process is so simple. First you order your kit, you can order one right HERE!

Then once you receive your kit, you make your impressions of your teeth using the “catalyst” and “base” mixing mediums provided for you in the kit. Then you send your impressions back to Smile Brilliant, and within a short amount of time they will send you your trays perfectly made for your teeth! And then you whiten away!

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I’ve used a few teeth whitening systems in my days, and some are just too complicated for me! Who really has time for an LED light contraption in your mouth, weird machinery, or other newfangled objects. I’m a one and done, simple kind of girl, and Smile Brilliant is just that.

In order to whiten, all you have to do is fill the trays (specifically and perfectly made for your mouth) with a thin line of the whitening gel (which can be found in the orange syringe in your kit!) Once you fill the trays, you pop those babies in and can go about your day or night. You can leave them in for as little as 45 minutes or up to 3 hours. Do you know how much work you can get done in 3 hours?! And you don’t have to hold a light up to your mouth, it’s completely hands free!! Hallelujah. Now back to work I go.

Once the whitening process is over, you repeat using the desensitizing gel, and the you’re set. It really is that simple. I couldn’t believe it! You use about 1/3 of the syringe every time you use it, and once you and your teeth feel comfortable, you can use it daily! It’s a pretty quick process!

And the good thing is, I never experienced any sensitivity!

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Why I love Smile Brilliant:

It’s simple. It’s as simple as that.

As a makeup artist, blogger, and model, I am always working on something; if it’s not a blog post, it’s a makeup tutorial, if it’s not a makeup tutorial, I’m planning a look book video, if it’s not a look book video, I’m scheduling weddings, and if I’m not scheduling, I’m probably working a wedding, and so on.

It’s hard to catch my breath sometimes, let alone drink enough water, get enough sleep, eat well, and have white teeth. BUT with Smile Brilliant, it is possible.

As an avid coffee drinker, I could really use some teeth whitening help. Your girl is mildly, okay–not so mildly, obsessed with coffee. My boyfriend reminds me constantly to put the coffee down and to pick up a water bottle, but I just can’t help myself.

With my hectic schedule, my constant use of my laptop and scheduling book, and my never-ending consumption of coffee, you could say I’m running short on hands, and Smile Brilliant was just what I needed in my life.

I love that I can pop my trays in, while still having both of my hands to keep typing, writing, and working. It’s a win-win. Not to mention that whole coffee-obsession thing really isn’t making my teeth whiter. 😉

My teeth in natural daylight.

Smile Brilliant‘s tagline is, “Changing the Way People View Teeth Whitening!” And they really did for me. I always kind of thought I didn’t really have the time to do it, but with Smile Brilliant you do and it truly works! Or else, I wouldn’t be sharing them with you. You NEED to check them out for yourself!

And now’s the time to do so…

I am so excited to share that I am doing a GIVEAWAY with them! We will be giving away an entire kit to one lucky winner!!! Now you too will have the chance to finally have the whiter teeth you’ve always wanted, but thought you didn’t have time to achieve. All you have to do is click the link below to fill out the giveaway!

Giveaway link: www.smilebrilliant.com/g/claireifyingbeauty


FullSizeRender 117

I also have a coupon code for you, use: claireifyingbeauty20 for $20 off!

And because of Smile Brilliant, my teeth are whiter than ever, and I can finally #SmileFearlessly.

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*This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant; All opinions are my own.*

Tooth Whitening Gel

21 Pieces of Advice from My 21 Years of Life | 21 Things I’ve Learned

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I just recently celebrated my 21st Birthday, and thank you so much to everyone who made me feel so special. So in honor of 21 years, I’ve come up with a list of 21 things I’ve learned so far in life, 21 pieces of advice that may make going through life a little easier! And don’t get me wrong, I struggle to even follow my own advice, let alone someone else’s, but I hope you can take from this what you need to hear and can begin to live it out.

  1. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s okay. The right people will.
  2. You don’t need a million friends, just a few good, REAL ones
  3. It’s okay to be different, like really different.
  4. Don’t let anyone try to make you feel bad for who you are and how you are.
  5. Create your own happiness. Don’t rely on anyone to be the source of your happiness.
  6. Be proud of who you are. Don’t let anyone change you.
  7. If you find yourself in a relationship or friendship where you feel like you do have to change for them, get out. Never compromise who you are.
  8. Don’t let anyone tell you, “You can’t make money in a creative field”; Do what you love and do it really well.
  9. Wake up with a grateful heart; Thank the Lord everyday for the day He has made and for the things He has blessed you with. You’d be amazed how it changes your attitude and outlook on life.
  10. Do 1 kind thing for someone every day, even if you have to go out of your way.
  11. Don’t talk down to yourself. Be your number 1 supporter.
  12. Go to target in the shirt you slept in.
  13. Go multiple days without wearing makeup, your skin and yourself will thank you later.
  14. Speaking of skin, wear sunscreen; like all the time. By the time you’re 30, you’ll have the least amount of wrinkles out of all the ladies in your squad. 😉
  15. Don’t waste your time on people who are up and down, if they’re not acting like your friend today, you don’t need them tomorrow.
  16. Play with your pets. They like really love having you around, you’re kind of a big deal to them.
  17. A lot of things aren’t worth arguing about, so pick your battles and play fair.
  18. Try to see the beauty and craftsmanship of our Lord in everything around you.
  19. Laugh at least 46 times a day.
  20. Just buy the shoes.
  21. Put your phone down and enjoy the life you have right in front of you.

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With love,

❤ Claire