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Happy Wednesday!

Today’s post is in collaboration with Daisy Shoppe! Daisy Shoppe is located in California with multiple locations, and they actually have been around for quite some time! They celebrated their 50th anniversary in June of 2016! How cool is that?

They pride themselves in providing “cute and happy clothes,” and gifts for the everyday girl! Not only do they carry clothing and accessories, but they also carry home goods and little trinkets. So fun!

Not only that, but they also carry faith-based journals, devotionals, and adorable little Bibles.

Basically, they’re a one-stop-shop and every girl’s dream!

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This Palm Printed jumpsuit is so fun & perfect for summer! It’s also available in black.

It’s one of those unique jumpsuits, with the leg slits, so it’s basically like you’re wearing a romper!! That style is perfect for super hot, summer days! And the fabric of this jumpsuit is super lightweight and very breathable!

I’m wearing a size XS, and I’m 5’1 for reference. I paired this beauty with some heels, as it was a little long on your girl, but hey, what isn’t?!

My tassel earrings and belt are both from Target, and were super on sale and are super old. Sorry girl!

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So like I mentioned earlier, they also carry little knickknacks, home goods, and faith-based books and journals.

This little Devotional Bible for Women is also from Daisy Shoppe, and it’s amazing, and also the cutest!

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As many of you may know, I am a Christian, and as a Christ follower it is vital that we get into the word every single day so that we may grow on our walk with the Lord.

I know at times it is so tough to either find the time or just the motivation to do it. I also know that making it a part of your daily routine is challenging. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.

Okay, I haven’t just “been there”… it’s a reoccurring theme sometimes in my life. We get so distracted by all of the hustle and bustle of this life, making plans, working hard, going, going, going, and sometimes we leave the Lord right out of it all.

It’s ironic though because without Him, we’d be nothing, have nothing, and could do nothing. But we’re humans, and we make mistakes (boy, do we make mistakes), but the grace of our Lord is sufficient and ever-present, and all He wants from us is to get back up, keep trying, and to keep pursuing Him.

This devotional book has helped me so much! There’s just something about holding a tangible book, rather than just scrolling through a Bible app. I have more motivation to pick up a book than to just open up another app. I feel more connected and like what I’m doing is important, because now it’s separate from all the other things I already do on my phone. Do you get what I’m saying?

It’s also a beautiful book just to look at, so sometimes it catches my eye, and I’m like, “Hey!” so I sit back down with it and go through it, if I maybe forgot to that morning, because again, “life happens,” even though life can’t happen without Him.. but you get the point. Lol.

This Devotional for Women is split up into daily readings, each reading coincides with the date! Each day is filled with verses plus a small application paragraph at the end! I love it!

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Thank you so much for stopping by!

xx Claire

IT HAS POCKETS!! | Sweet Olive & Co.

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Hey girl!

I am so excited to finally share this look with you! I’ve had this one in the works for quite sometime, you just couldn’t purchase this romper online until TODAY!!! So hurry your booty over to Sweet Olive & Co. and snag it before it’s gone!!

You can purchase it HERE!

So yes, I have teamed up with Sweet Olive & Co. for this post, and I’m super excited about it!!

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This romper is actually the cutest, and it’s SO my style! I love being able to incorporate black… I try to into all things. Lol.

I love how this romper almost looks like a 2-piece set, you know, those super popular things everyone’s wearing these days, only not me, ’cause tummy.

But with this romper you get the vibe of that, while having all the security of wearing an actual shirt!! YAY for being clothed!! Lol.

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The floral pattern is STUNNING, and I love the colors of this! It’s very comfortable, but has a very nice feeling to it, nice as in kinda dressy, so you could totally dress this up for a date night, a summer concert, or even to wear as a guest to a wedding!

The styling possibilities of this romper are endless!!

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I paired it with some flat, black shooties…They’re basically a bootie, but resemble a shoe/sandal a little more! (You can purchase them here.) My go-to black fedora, duh. And a belt, cause your girl doesn’t fit into anything!!! haha

It was only a little big in the waist for me, but it fit everywhere else, and I LOVE the length of it too!! So nothing a little belt can’t fix!

The open back keyhole detailing is super cute too! It totally adds an extra oomph to this romper!

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Drum roll please…


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Why do pockets make everything better?

Okay, maybe they don’t, but you know the feeling… When you put something on and don’t realize it has pockets until your hands brush your sides and stumble upon them, and you’re filled with surprise and joy, we’ve all been there… That was me with this romper.

So go snag this adorable romper before it’s gone! And while you’re at it, use my coupon code: CLAIRE15 at checkout!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

❤ Claire

It’s Romper Season | Mason Jar Boutique

Hey beautiful!

GUESS WHAT!! It’s finally hot again in Indiana!!

We have gone through some pretty unusual weather lately, but I think the warm weather is here to stay. Well, we can only hope.

With warm weather, you know what that means… it’s romper season again, ladies!!

I’ve been fortunate enough to team up with The Mason Jar Boutique for this look, perfect for summer!

I love me a good, solid romper. One that I’m obsessed with in every way, and I know it’ll never let me down. This romper from The Mason Jar Boutique is totally that and will definitely be on repeat this summer!


Are all rompers created equal? Absolutely NOT.

A romper you can count on is one that is comfortable, soft, breathable, with the perfect ratio of torso-length to shorts-length. And that my friends, is hard to find. But this beauty was all those things + a bag of chips. (Chips actually not included… sorry.)


I love everything about this romper.

loooove the length of it. I HATE feeling like my booty might fall out if I breathe, walk, sit, stand, so the length of this romper is PERFECT. It’s not freakishly long, but it’s definitely not short, like most rompers are these days.

The off-the-shoulder detail is too cute, and the added ruffle layer is super flattering. I love how it lays so effortlessly. The tassel ties are not only fashionable, but functional too. They actually can cinch in the waist tighter if need be. Which is a need in my life, and I was so grateful that it wasn’t just there for show!

With that added bonus, you can loosen the waist to pull it down a bit and make it longer if you’re on the taller side of life (let me know what it’s like from up there) OR you can pull up the top half a bit, tighten the waist and secure it, like I did, and it totally works for us shorties too! I’m about 5’2″, and I’m wearing a size small!


This. Print.

So unique. So stunning.

I am in LOVE. The white with the pop of cobalt is breathtaking; It’s so perfect for summer it’s not even funny!


I’ve paired this Summer-Ready Romper with the cutest, dainty choker and the most perfect, everyday sandals, both from Mason Jar.

These sandals have quickly became my go-to’s! They’re so unbelievably comfortable and effortlessly cute. I love how they’re just a simple velcro closure too, perfect if you’re running late, like I always am. If I’m actually on time to my own wedding it’ll be a miracle, and I’ll be sure to let you know.

The Mason Jar Boutique was actually kind enough to give y’all a coupon code!!!

Use my code: CLAIRE15 at checkout to save some money, girl! 🙂

And don’t forget to check out their new arrivals, that are updated frequently!

Thanks for stopping by, friend!

❤ Claire


All photos courtesy of Arianna Marie Photography.

Rompers & Fringe


Can we just take a second to appreciate rompers? They’re literally the most easy item to wear, you throw one on and you’ve got a whole outfit! Sure ya can do the same thing with a dress, but rompers are SHORTS so they’re so much more comfy, and you can skip the hassle of trying to find your spandex/spanx to wear under your dress 😉

Pair it with a cute fringy vest or jean jacket; some jewelry; a hat, headband, or flower crown, and you’re unstoppable.

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My super cute romper is from Raelynn’s Boutique, but unfortunately they don’t have this print anymore. But you can find two other adorable prints in this exact same style, like the Fields of Flowers or the Good Times at Lollapalooza rompers.

This crocheted vest was the best purchase I ever made. I got mine at Target and literally wear it over everything. It adds a fun element to any dress, romper, shirt, without overtaking the whole outfit. And of course, the fringe detail at the bottom, is to die for. Crocheted Vest

My hat is from Forever 21, but basically every store these days carries them in every color. I would check Target, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, or H&M to find one that you love. This Wool-Blend Fedora from Forever 21 is almost identical to mine, except I like this one better because of the braided detailing.

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My layered necklaces are just random ones I put together, but for a similar vibe you can find necklaces sold to look like multiple necklaces, like this Stone Tiered Necklace from Rue 21 for only $5!!!! My black lace bralette is so comfortable and effortless, and yet so stylish, plus it adds a girly touch to any outfit. Lace Bralette

The mid-wedge sandal is my go to shoe this summer. I love how they can dress up an outfit without trying too hard, and still are comfortable to walk in. If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m aaaaalllll about that comfort 😉 I got mine from payless, and these Penelope Mid-Wedge Sandals are almost identical to mine, and are only $19.99!

So whether you’re going out on the town, to a concert, or just to the grocery store, I say you can never go wrong with a romper & some fringe 😉

Until next time,

Claire ❤


“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you” Song of Solomon 4:7