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Hi sweet people!

Today’s post is so exciting, and I’ll give you a hint… think bridal! 😉

As many of you may know, I got engaged in January 2018, and we are getting married Summer 2019! Half a year has flown by, and we are now less than a year away from the big day!

I guess it’s time for me to start thinking about engagement photos, parties, showers, events, etc. And the most important question that arises with all of those things is… WHAT WILL I WEAR?! Lol.

I’ve got you covered, well, Olive + Pepper has you covered.

Working with Olive + Pepper was, hands down, one of my favorite collaborations I have ever done, so I was SO excited to team up with them for some bridal looks!

Olive + Pepper has a unique style and flair about them, with a little bit of a retro, glam feel. They are totally my style!

They also have a neat little section on their website for all things wedding; The Wedding Shop! ❤

Not only do they have so many white options for us brides, but they have amazing options for your gal pals in your bridal party, dress options for your mama, accessories galore, and don’t forget the handbag, girlfriend!


This is the Femma Lace Midi Dress, and I don’t think it could be more perfect or more bridal!

The intricate details and the stunning lace make this dress a showstopper! Every part of this dress is so feminine, down to the button closure. I am in love with this!

The Femme lace midi would be the perfect dress for your engagement photos, your bridal shower, your rehearsal dinner, your honeymoon, and even for you more non-traditional brides out there, who want something a little more YOU for your big day!

Don’t feel like there’s a certain “look” you have to have to be considered “bridal”; wear what you want to! I honestly have thought about wearing this as my wedding dress, but now my whole world has seen it.. so maybe not. Lol. But if I hadn’t shot it, wrote about it, and shown my fiancé, it would’ve been a contender! haha


My sunnies & my bag are also from Olive + Pepper, they have the cutest accessories!

Shop my sunnies: Audrey Cat Eye Sunnies

Shop my handbag: White Day Clutch

All (heart) eyes on you!-2

This. Dress.


The Audriana Mermaid Floral Dress is all things glamorous, classy, and fun. I seriously have never seen a dress so unique.


This is the perfect dress for a bridal shower, for your bachelorette party/weekend, for a bridal brunch with the gals, a fancy dinner on your honeymoon, and let’s be honest, it’s even perfect for a girl’s night in with face masks, snacks, and a movie! Lol (Me)

I’m in love with the “Old Hollywood” vibes this dress gives off, and the shape is to die for!  And hey, if this is your style, rock it down the aisle too!!

To top off the “Old Hollywood” vibes, I threw on some heart sunnies and laughed my way down the steps!! HAHA

Shop my heart sunnies here: Heart Sunnies

Below are some other perfect options for all your bridal activities, all from Olive + Pepper!! ❤

Click the caption of photo below to shop!

Untitled design-3.jpg


So like I’ve already mentioned, they not only have perfect white dresses for all things bridal, but they also have some great options for your bridesmaids, your mom, and even just for those attending the wedding!

Click the caption of photo below to shop!


We can’t forget the accessories!

Whether you want a fun pop of color for yourself on your big day, you want to gift your besties a pair for the wedding, or you just need to amp up your bridal shower look, Olive + Pepper has so many amazing, affordable options for you!

Click the caption of photo below to shop!

Add a pop of color with your earrings!
Copy of Add a pop of color with your earrings!.jpg

So basically what you’re finding out is this…

  1. Olive + Pepper is your online, One-Stop-Shop for you and your bridal party when it comes to being fashion icons for all wedding festivities.
  2. Olive + Pepper has the most beautiful, unique designs.
  3. You won’t find an item over $100 on Olive + Pepper… oh, and did I mention shipping is always free?


Oh, and one last thing… a little icing on the cake, perhaps? (Wedding puns)


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Good luck! 🙂

*This post is in collaboration with Olive + Pepper*

Body Scrub, Bath Bombs, & Body Mist…Oh My!

Well hello and welcome back! ❤

As many of you may know, I am a total body care/bath products junkie! I’ve always loved Lush, but I was on the market for something new! Then I found Get Naked Bath and Body Co. and they were kind enough to collab with me, and they sent me a box of goodies! I was so ecstatic and just couldn’t wait to try them out!


Their company began with a mother-daughter duo, desiring to make women feel pampered, loved, and confident! They both were die-hard bath takers and lovers and decided to create their own bath products at home! That said hobby soon turned into an amazing business! Plus, ” We make our products with all natural ingredients and they are always handmade so that every product we make is beneficial to you and your skin.  With our love for animals all our products are tested on humans!  All in all, we are mother and daughter and would never sell anything we wouldn’t love to have in our own baths!” (Taken from


I was sold. They’re just the sweetest! And their products are amazing!

They were kind enough to send me a few bath bombs, a body scrub, and a body mist!

I received their Cucumber Melon Exfoliating Body scrub, and oh my goodness, it smells incredible!


It is sooo hydrating and finely-milled, so it doesn’t scratch the crap out of your skin when you use it, which I have experienced with many coarse body scrubs! I am a regular body scrub use, and this has replaced my go-to from Bath and Body Works! Body Scrubs are great for ridding your skin of dryness and prepping your skin for applying fake tanner or getting a spray tan! They have many yummy scents to choose from as well!

Look at how stunning their bath bombs are!


I received their “Around the World” bath bomb, their “Star Gazer” bath bomb, & their brand new Peachy Keen” bath bomb!! If any of you know me, you know bath bombs are basically my favorite things in the world!

These bath bombs are so beautiful too! They each have unique, intricate designs; you can definitely tell they are made with love! And I cannot wait to try that sparkly one! So fun!!

Plus they’re made with natural, good for you ingredients!


Last but definitely not least, I received their Room & Body Mist in the scent Island Nectar! Talk about the smell of vacation in a bottle!! I am a sucker for all beach scents, so this was perfect for me! This product is unique because not only is is made for your body, but it’s also a room spray! The scent is beautiful and not overpowering! It’s very light and airy! I’m in love!

They make many other products including: bath soaks, lip scrubs, lip balms, and a face mask, and I can’t wait to give that a try! ❤

So what are you waiting for? Check them out!!

And don’t forget to follow them on Instagram:

My thoughts on e.l.f skincare.. take it or leave it?

I’ve always wanted to try the ever-expanding e.l.f skincare line, but didn’t know if it would be worth it, since it’s so cheap.. would it really work?

But one day while I was bored, I started to online shop.. which should never happen cause I just start buying stuff lol. But I had seen an email from e.l.f with exciting news that their popular “Hydrating Bubble Mask” was back in stock. I thought “hmm… bubbles.. plus a face mask… I’m in!”

I have dehydrated, dry skin, and sometimes it’s flaky around my chin… a.k.a I’m the furthest thing from oily, so a hydrating mask is perfect for me.

I have a deep love for all things body wash, soap, scrubs, bath-salts, bath-bombs, bubbles, face masks; so this had my name written all over it. Combining bubbles and a face mask into one sounded like a party for my face, so of course I obliged.

I clicked “add to cart” without even thinking about it, because apparently it had sold out before, and I wasn’t about to let it sell out again before I got to test it.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

It was only $14 for a jar of 1.69 oz. The Hydrating Bubble Mask claimed to be hydrating and nourishing for the skin. It begins as a gel like formula that slowly transforms into a bubble mask on the face. “Watch as bubbles fizz and foam to remove excess dirt and cleanse pores for glowing, healthy looking skin.” Sounds like a dream, am I right? Wrong..

To be honest, it’s kind of painful. For some reason it burns my face the whole time I have it on, and it gradually starts to get worse as more bubbles form. While the bubbles are forming it also itches like crazy. Once I rinse it off, my skin looks like it always does, no healthy glow, radiance, no “touchable softness” nothing; just irritated, red normal skin. I don’t even notice it cleaning very well either, I feel like there’s some type of film left on my skin, and like I have to rewash my face after I use it. Perhaps there’s something in it that I’m allergic to, I’m not sure, but for my first impression, I’m not loving it. I’ve only tried it about 4-5 times, so maybe my thoughts will change as I continue to use it.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to watch as it goes from a gel, to a white creamy substance as you massage it in, to a layer of bubbles on your face, but boy, does it itch/tickle, and I still seem to be lacking in the hydration department. p.s. don’t get it in your eyes

Luckily, I also ordered two other products, because everything was so cheap I thought why not? I got the Soothing Serum and the Daily Face Cleanser, both of which I love so far. The soothing serum was only $12, and the face cleanser was a whopping $7!!! I’ve gotten Starbucks drinks for more than that lol. 😉

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The soothing serum does a great job of calming my irritated skin after I use the bubble mask, and it adds a ton of moisture back into my skin, while also making my skin soft to the touch. This silky serum is supposed to help “lock in moisture to reduce the look of fine lines for glowing, healthy looking skin.” It is also infused with purified water, Jojoba, aloe, and vitamin E to nourish, moisturize, and protect your skin, along with antioxidants such as shea butter and grape. This serum is a winner in my book so far.

The Daily Face Cleanser is really nothing special, but it gets the job done. I was out of my usual facial cleanser and wasn’t attached to it, so I thought I’d try out this one. I really don’t know what separates a

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

good cleanser from a bad cleanser as long as it cleans my face and doesn’t hurt my skin lol. And I’d say this guy does just that. For only $7, it’s a pretty okay cleanser: it cleanses gently, doesn’t burn, and has little to no smell, the smell that’s there is just a clean smell. If you aren’t into “9 health benefits” for your skin, a girly scent, and pretty packaging for all your skincare, then this daily cleanser is for you.

All in all, not over the moon in love with e.l.f. skincare, but I don’t hate it either. The serum is A+ to me, the face cleanser is okay, and the bubble mask is an awesome, fun concept, but doesn’t perform to my standards. I’ll give the e.l.f. skincare a couple more weeks and see how I feel.

What I do know is their prices are amazing! Even though I’m not obsessed with my bubble mask, I don’t feel like I wasted a ton of money on it either.

So the verdict: I say you should give e.l.f. skincare a try, maybe order 1 to 2 products that are specifically tailored to your skin type and see how you like it. If you have dry skin, I highly recommend the soothing serum to calm, nourish, and protect your skin.

Everyone is different and everyone’s skin is different, so maybe the bubble mask will work for you!! And I hope it does 🙂

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

❤ Claire